Pitt Meadows ~ Part 3

Growing a vegetable garden is so much more than just growing vegetables.  There is something grounding about tilling soil and watching plants evolve that adds a huge dimension to our lives. For me, it’s very comforting to be surrounded with … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Experiment

I can tell it’s November by watching the rain fall sideways. Today’s To-Do list included  mulching my garlic bulbs with straw but I thought I’d get blown away, and who knows where the straw would end up?  I brewed a … Continue reading

Pitt Meadows ~ Part 2

During the 2006 & 2007 growing seasons, our small vegetable garden continued to provide us with fresh vegetables. I rotated crops between the beds, so that heavy feeders wouldn’t completely deplete nutrients and to enable nitrogen producing plants to feed … Continue reading

Pitt Meadows ~ Part 1

Digging up your lawn isn’t as daunting as it seems. My advice is to start small and let things evolve from there. This story explains how we transformed our Pitt Meadows backyard from lawn to food, one small piece at a … Continue reading