Lynda Smith is enthusiastic about transforming Lawn to Food production. She joins the growing number of people who are taking responsibility for their own food security by planting gardens, fruit shrubs, and trees. Lynda can assist in enlarging your current growing space or help with weekly maintenance for your food garden. Whether you aspire to have a few veggie pots on the patio, or grow a self-sufficient food supply, Lynda can help you reach your goals through inspiration and/or perspiration. Join her as she encourages others and shares her knowledge.

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  1. I LOVE what you have done!! Thanks for documenting and sharing your great work. I also live in Comox and I am very busy converting my nasty front lawn into a food garden. My back yard is shady so that is where I hide my contraband hens! You are an inspiration.

    • Nice to meet you Dianna … Contraband hens!! Love it!! That’s what we did in Pitt Meadows, just paid off the neighbours with eggs. Be sure to take a lot of photos of your front “lawn to food” progression. Even small changes can inspire others to jump on the band wagon. Looking forward to seeing your garden one day. Thanks for your comment … Lynda

  2. Hi Lynda, I am organizing the fall garden tour for Comox Valley Seed Savers and I am wondering if you would be interested in having your garden on the tour. Our tour is very different from other garden tours in that we show gardens in their natural messy state, with an emphasis on organic food production. We hope to find inspirational gardens that demonstrate creative approaches.to food gardening, not your usual expensively installed ‘show gardens’.

    It is done in one day, we are looking at September 21. Participants meet at a starting location at 10:00 am, pickup a map and organizing car pooling to minimize cars. We then move as a group to each garden (usually 3-5 gardens), where the hosting gardener takes us on an aproximately one hour tour. It is easy to fill one hour with a crew of excited curious gardeners asking questions! Please let me know if you would be interested, or if you know of any suitable gardens. My email address is dtalbot@telus.net. Thanks very much, Dianna

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