Seed to Seed ~ Keep the Ball Rolling

Spinach was one of the first crops that I directly seeded into our garden this spring. The 10 little sprouts which germinated, grew into modest sized plants. I have been stealing a few leaves for our daily lunch, since the end of … Continue reading

Rain Sheild for Tomatoes

Ask any group of people how they feel about tomatoes, and you’ll get mixed reviews. A lot of people love tomatoes with their bright colors and acidic but sweet flavor. Some will pass on eating raw tomatoes, preferring them in soups, sauces and salsas. Others will … Continue reading

Think Outside the Yard

Lately, I’ve heard a few complaints from people about, “not having enough room” on their property to put in more food-producing plants. I find it so silly for them to limit their food production with that kind of thinking. Most of us have so … Continue reading

Cucumber Trellis

Cucumbers are a versatile vegetable to grow in our home gardens. They taste wonderful sliced on to green salads, diced for a taco condiment, grated into tzatziki, or just fresh off the vine. The small pickling variety of cucumbers are a quick addition … Continue reading