A piece that I creatively wrote during a difficult time.

Roots, once they’re pulled from the giving earth …

… many are smooth and sweet. Clear skinned, colorful and glorious to eat. We gratefully appreciate the seed to fruit evolution and smile at their near perfection. Both nature and loving nurture, have produced this nourishment for our future.

parsnips & carrots

Some roots are tangled and twisted, with scars but still gifted. They’ve been through battles that we will never understand … regardless, they continue to grow the best way that they can. It’s not for us to judge their appearance of contorts and entwines … just accept them as they are, for there is a ton of goodness inside. With a nip and tuck here and there … they’ll be ready for the stew pot, to brew a broth ever so rare.

veggie stock

Other roots are gnarled and small, bitter and tough, green with envy and skin so rough. Even as we may try to clean and polish the tarnish, they won’t let their parts even be a garnish. Trying to squeeze the faint goodness out, will eventually cause detriment to ourselves, illness and pain may arise, ending in our own demise. These roots that will not keep, are sadly, better off in the compost heap.

cleaning carrots


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  1. Brilliant, poetic and so true………an insightful comment on dealing with “carrots” in our lives. GG

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