August ~ Press Pause

It’s mid-August and my gardens resemble a jungle of vines and glossy leaves rather than a vegetable plot. This is what I have been waiting all winter for 🙂


The sweet taste of fresh-from-the-vine bursts of flavours are frequent, daily indulgences as I graze on green beans, grapes, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. This amazing bounty, is an incredible feat for such a small space. It is not perfect but it is definitely excellent.


The abundance of fruit that needs to be preserved right now is massive. Zucchini seem to grow over night, herbs need to be dried, pickles need to be pickled and fall seeds need to be planted. Summer gardening life can become a daunting, over-whelming task list, if I let it.


This morning I sat out in the garden, sipped my coffee and simply enjoyed being there without any thoughts of weeding, tending or canning. I marvelled at the vast array of green shades that fill the lush space. I felt the morning sun warm my back, listened to the birds and then seared the blissful moment into my memory ….. which will, no doubt, be relived on a dark, cold January night, when I have a seed catalog in hand.