Here Comes the Sun

I think we all have very busy lives these days. I know my weeks can fly by … like this one! Here it is Friday, again. Most weeks I don’t feel that I have accomplished as much as I wanted, or needed, to. If only I could only get “the list” done, then I could spend more time in creating the garden, decorating my newly renovated house or walking the dogs at the beach with my hubby … all the things I want to do more of.

I start off most days with a bang! … up early, brew some coffee, feed the animals, head to my office to check my “list” for the day, make an orderly plan of action and then start at it! Somewhere between here and the late evening, chaos has a way of settling in. I am too easily set off track (in the moment, I think of it as being flexible). Something always seems to pop up and get added to my list, usually to the top of it.

I call myself “The Professional Gopher”. I go for this and I go for that … and then I go for more. With managing an apartment building, having a husband with day/night shifts, Mom recovering from hip surgery, preparing daily awesome meals, our son’s wedding coming up, family gatherings, balancing books, renovating our house, and operating my website business, I end up doing a lot of running around during each day.

Acommodating others’ needs is a big part of who I am, and it’s what I like to do, but I have to enforce more of a balance. As of today, my needs and wants are staying at the top of “the list” because it is my life after all, right? If anyone else needs something, that’s wonderful. I’ll add it on to the list without bumping myself to the back of the line. That statement makes me feel good already!

Here comes the sun!! … and here I go, out to the garden to start my day off differently, right on top of the list 🙂

here comes the sun