CVHS Garden Tour 2013

garden tour 10

On Sunday, August 11, I opened our front yard vegetable garden to the Comox Valley Horticultural Society members. Over 85 people strolled through the garden, admiring and collecting ideas on how to transform their own lawns to food. We discussed interplanting flowers & vegetables, permaculture principles, recycled urbanite, what do my neighbors think about the frontyard food?, carrot flies, how many family members does it feed? and so on. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with so many like minded people.


The original building of the raised beds in November 2012. The shape of the garden resembles an Oak Leaf.

garden tour overhead

July 2013 … the garden is lush with produce and flowers.

garden tour

August 11, 2013 … ready for the Open Garden Tour

garden tour 11

garedn tour 5

garden tour 9

Where the garlic was harvested in July, beans and lettuce are now growing.

Happy Gardening everyone!!