Lynda’s Lather

My plant-based soaps are made using a cold process method. Ingredients include water, coconut milk, coconut, olive, grapeseed and castor oils with sodium hydroxide (lye) for saponification. Individual bars are created plain, with different essential oils and some include fragrance oils. For colour and exfoliant qualities, I use my own dried herbs, flowers, purchased clays, spices and Health Canada approved minerals.

A wide variety of soaps are available year-round and come in a multitude of sizes priced from $3 to $6. I also make 100% cotton crocheted cloths ($5) and unique soap dishes (prices vary).

Spring 2021 Soap Varieties – Specific ingredients are listed on each bar of soap. Some contain essential oils, herbs, spices, petals, buds, oatmeal, activated charcoal, coffee and naturally forming colours, others have fragrance oils and mica for colourful swirls.

Contact me about making your own block of soap to take home (equivalent to 5 of these bars).